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11 Sep Diastasis Recti

Senior Physiotherapist at Halo, Nicki Bradshaw recently attended a Pelvic Health course for Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists exploring the most recent research around Women’s Pelvic Health issues, including Pelvic Girdle Pain, Pelvic floor Dysfunction, Diastasis Recti and return to sport postnatally. Here Nicki discusses Diastasis Recti Diastasis Recti, otherwise...

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01 Feb Plantarfasciopathy

Plantarfasciitis or Plantarfasciopathy (as it is now termed), is a common foot condition comprising of 15% of all adult foot complaints, affecting 10% of the population (Rome, 1997). The Plantarfascia is a sheet of strong connective tissue linking the heel to the toes through the sole...

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