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Sports Massage


Sports Massage is the manipulation of muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue, collectively known as the soft tissues of the body.


It is very effective for helping aid sporting performance and rehabilitation, and also treating general aches and pains caused by lifestyle or occupational factors. It is an excellent tool for helping to promote general health and wellbeing.


Many people find that regular Sports Massage allows their body to function with reduced pain levels and less restriction. It is also used to help address and reduce the impacts that both physical and emotional stress can have on the body.


In an initial treatment, a consultation is undertaken to ascertain how best we can help, as well as establish that you are safe to receive treatment. Postural assessments and muscle testing will often take place so we can assess how your body is currently functioning. Treatment may involve deep tissue massage, trigger point work, myofascial release techniques, functional stretches and soft tissue release.


These techniques can sometimes be quite intense on the body but we will always work within a patient’s pain tolerance level and explain what we are doing so you understand what we are trying to achieve. We believe in helping you to take control of your mind and body and how it manages the stresses and strains of your daily living.


Sports Massage can help to:


  • Reduce the build-up of muscle tension resulting from sporting and general day to day activities
  • Accelerate recovery from training and competition
  • Minimise the risk of injury by identifying potential problems early
  • Prevent niggling injuries from becoming more chronic problems
  • Increase the range of motion and flexibility in joints and muscles
  • Reduce pain from postural problems
  • Reduce stress levels, calm the mind and promote well being


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