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Author: Rachael Adams

21 May Two Castles Run Sports Massage

If you’re taking part in this year’s Two Castles Run on Sunday 9th June, don’t miss this Special Offer at Halo! Get a pre or post run, 60 minute Sports Massage with leading Clinical Sport and Remedial Massage Therapist, Nick Court for only £40 To claim this...

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21 May Beam with Grace Summer Offer

Are you shaping up for summer? Beam with Grace at Halo offers bespoke 55 minute Personal Pilates Training sessions, which are tailored to suit you and your body. During the sessions you can focus on setting goals and receive expert advice, help in achieving your targets and...

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15 Mar Let’s Talk about Morton’s Neuroma

The condition often referred to as Morton's neuroma, which was named after Dr Morton who first described this condition in 1876, describes a neuroma (thickening and swollen nerve fibre) located between the long bones (metatarsals) of the foot Due to the intimacy of the interdigital nerves...

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08 Mar Pain! Early Intervention is Key!

Halo run several free drop in events throughout the year and there are several reasons we do this: 1) it provides a service for the local community, especially for those who may not otherwise be able to attend private physiotherapy sessions 2) it creates awareness of the...

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25 Feb Mindfulness

I often discuss using Mindfulness with patients as a strategy to help clarify thoughts, deal with pain and ease day to day life stresses.  But, what do we actually mean by ‘mindfulness’? There are many resources on line on this topic and shops are stacked with...

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07 Feb Time To Talk

Today is Time To Talk Day 2019, a day when we're reminded that conversations about mental health have the power to change lives. I believe raising awareness of talking about mental health is immensely beneficial to us all. We may not always be aware how our mental...

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