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New Pessary Fitting Service at Halo

06 Apr New Pessary Fitting Service at Halo

A support pessary is a device that is used to support the vaginal vault when there had been some descent of it (Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP).

They can be silicone (which are offered at Halo), or PVC. Silicone is a soft and flexible material that is gentler on the delicate vaginal tissues.

Pessaries come in many different shapes and sizes and the type suitable for you will depend on your presentation in the initial assessment. Pessaries can be used long term or short term. Some wear them daily, others just wear them when some extra support is needed during sport, or other tasks where they are symptomatic. Think of a pessary as a sports bra, they are designed to support and offload the tissue that has become overstretched.

Here at Halo pessaries are fitted by a Pelvic Health Specialist Physiotherapist.

The initial appointment will be in two parts; firstly, to assess if you are suitable for a pessary and gain your full history. Secondly to fit the pessary.

If you are interested in this service and would like to find out more information please contact the clinc here


Further information on POP can be found on our blog ‘Pelvic Organ Prolapse: Understanding And The Role Of Pelvic Health Physiotherapy’ here


Initial assessment – £300. This includes an Initial appointment (where the pessary will be sized and ordered.) A fitting appointment (once the pessary has arrived.) Your silicone pessary to take home. A letter to your GP to inform them of the pessary fitting, and a copy to you, (so that you have a record of the pessary fitted).

Follow up appointments- £60

Pessary replacement fitting appointments (including cost of pessary) – £200

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