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How do I fund my treatment?

We treat both self paying and insured patients. If you wish to fund yourself we accept all credit cards, cash and cheque.

We can treat patients insured by all the main companies. Some insurance companies require a referral from the GP before seeing a physiotherapist so please check with your insurance company first.

How long will my first appointment take?

Your initial session can take up to 60 minutes to allow us to examine your complaint in detail. We also provide your first treatment during this session. We believe in offering our patient time and quality. Follow up treatments are usually 30 minutes but can be longer if required.

Are there any extra charges?

Beyond the set price, there are no additional charges for any of our treatments, including acupuncture and theraband. You may have the option to purchase small exercise equipment. Pilates classes are payable in advance.

What shall I wear for the Physiotherapy assessment and treatment?

Comfortable clothing is best. We may need you to undress so bring shorts too.

Do you treat more women than men?

This is a question often asked by patients! According to our statistics 48% of our patients are male and 52% are female!

What injuries do you see most often?

Again, people are always asking! Parts of the body we treat are very varied. At the moment 23% of our patients are lower back problems, 23% are shoulder and arm injuries, 16% are knee injuries and surgery, 17% involve the neck and upper back and 14% are hip and ankles!! The remaining 7% are total body and other conditions.

How many sessions will I need?

This is very difficult to answer as many things influence your response to physiotherapy. At Halo Physio we pride ourselves on the effectiveness of our treatment. Most patients will see an improvement within 4 sessions.

What if physiotherapy does not work for me?

Some conditions can be too advanced or complex and we may occasionally need to refer you for scans, x-rays or to see a Consultant. This will be clearly explained to you at the time and we can refer via the NHS and your GP or privately to the large network of Doctors and Surgeons we work with.

What if I want to speak directly with my physiotherapist?

We hope that we explain everything clearly during your sessions, including how you may feel for the following few days after treatment. If you do need to contact us about you treatment we will happily speak with you on the phone when we are free or you can email at any time.

Cancellation and Did not Attend Policy

If you are unable to attend your appointment, we require 24 hours notice. Failure to give the required notice or failure to attend a booked appointment will result in you being charged a Cancellation and Did not Attend Fee of £30.