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What are RockBlades?

12 Dec What are RockBlades?

If you book in for a sports massage with Lisa, you may notice her using some newly acquired tools called RockBlades.

RockBlades are a form of instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation (IASTM). This is a technique that has been around for thousands of years where tools such as spoons or coins were used to scrape the body’s soft tissue.

By the mid-1990s, David Graston had pioneered a method and set of instruments to use to treat soft tissue injuries. Other forms of IASTM have also been developed alongside different treatment techniques.

Rockblades were developed by RockTape – a well-known company that produce kinesiology tape worn by many athletes. They are used as part of a treatment plan, alongside massage therapy applied by hands.

The tools (Mallet, Mullet and the Mohawk) comprise of a variety of different edges and shapes, which can be used to scan soft tissues for any areas of alteration in the soft tissue. The tool offers a very different form of tissue mobilisation to using the hands and can be extremely light and gentle in painful areas, or areas requiring injury rehabilitation.

The application of these tools can:​

  • Help improve muscle function
  • Help improve performance
  • Help to eliminate pain 


To find out more about RockBlades and sports massage in general, book in for an appointment today.

You don’t need to be an athlete to benefit from sports massage. In fact, some of the people who benefit most are those who spend their days sat at a desk or driving!

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Blog compiled by Lisa Craine, Sports Massage Therapist at Halo Physio

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