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Your reviews really matter to us…

29 Oct Your reviews really matter to us…

As a small business, Halo Physio takes your feedback very seriously as it is one of the ways we can evaluate how we are all performing.

As well as learning about your experiences, reviews can be helpful to prospective patients who may be trying to decide where to go for treatment. Good reviews also make a significant difference to how we are found on the internet and means we will appear higher up in searches.

Covid -19 has had a big impact on all small businesses, so leaving a review would be one way you could really help us!

We are happy to receive reviews in any form but the most useful way is on the following sites:

Google at the following link:

Facebook at the following link:

If you have never left a review before it can appear daunting or time consuming the following tips may help you and it does only take a couple of minutes:

  • A review doesn’t have to be long and could be anything from 10 words to 200 words.
  • Try to describe how your experience was. For example was the clinic clean? Did you understand what the therapist told you about your condition? Did you feel better after your treatment?
  • Perhaps explain what your problem was and how it was solved?
  • Was there anything that made your experience special?
  • Try and be constructive with any criticisms and we will always try to respond and act upon any negative feedback.
  • Frequently prospective patients do rely upon reviews and pay attention to them so it may be useful to think what you would want to know about us before deciding to book an appointment.


Thank you very much.

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