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Prehabilitation Physiotherapy

07 Sep Prehabilitation Physiotherapy

Did you know Physiotherapists not only treat and manage patients who are experiencing symptoms relating to a current or underlying condition, but also help people prior to surgery?

Prehabilitation (or prehab for short!) is the process of optimising physical function prior to surgery to ensure that a patient’s body is in the best possible condition ready for the days, weeks and months that follows surgery.  Prehab is proactive and enables patients to achieve normal function more quickly after surgery.

The process involves being guided through:

  • aerobic exercises to help increase general fitness, which can also aid recovery from general anaesthetic
  • specific strength training that focusses on muscle groups that need to be active and strong during the rehab phase
  • symmetry, too often we see joints that have become tight or stiff due to an underlying pathology. If exercises are given prior to surgery to increase range and flexibility within these joints, patients are given a better starting point when they begin rehab
  • specific functional tasks, e.g. bridging to clear the bed when laying down on your back is important should you need to use a bedpan whilst in hospital or standing independently from a seated position without the use of your hands, are both activities we could take for granted but both equally important to do after surgery


It is not only physical wellbeing we consider in physiotherapy.  We are in a great position to help guide patients through the expectations of the surgery itself.  We know and will educate on the importance of pain management, swelling control, reasons behind precautions on consultant lists and exercise progression.

This subject is also a great example of how the multi-skilled team at Halo can work together to deliver the very highest levels of care, with our Complementary Therapy, Pilates, Podiatry, Yoga, and Diet and Nutrition experts available to aid in all areas of the Prehabilitation process.

If you would like to know more about how we can help prior to surgery, please do not hesitate to contact us here

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