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More and More People are In Pain from Sitting Still!

10 May More and More People are In Pain from Sitting Still!

Modern life means so many of us spend several hours a day sat in cars, working at desks, using tablets and smart phones, watching TV or studying. As a result, these static and often slumped and awkward positions lead to stiffness and pain in the upper back (thoracic spine) between your shoulder blade area.

This pain can be caused by strain on muscle and joints between the vertebrae.

Many people we see at Halo have reduced movement in the rotation of the thoracic spine, and this is a very common cause for pain.

One of the most common exercises Halo suggest to help in this situation is easy to do sat at work or home.

Exercise Advice

Sit square with your bottom right at the back of the chair. Reach round to grasp the arms or back of the chair (as demonstrated below). Use your arms to pull round gently until you feel a stretch in your back/ shoulder or around your ribs (everyone will feel it in slightly different areas). Take a few deep breaths and then relax and repeat to the other side. Performing this several times a day will mobilise your spine and break out of the sitting posture which is not healthy for your spine.


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