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A Good Night’s Sleep

14 Oct A Good Night’s Sleep

One subject we often get asked about by people suffering with neck pain is which type of pillow they should use to ensure a good and comfortable night’s sleep.

We think a medium firmness and thickness pillow is adequate for most people.

However, people do seem to make similar mistakes by either using lots of pillows thinking that way will provide more support, or by buying really expensive pillows that they use even if they find them very uncomfortable.

There are lots of orthopaedic pillows on the market, which can be quite pricey and are not always suitable for each patient’s neck type. There is no one perfect pillow and every person’s neck, sleeping position and personal preferences will have an influence on the best pillow for them.

You should always ask to test a pillow in a shop before buying it, and if it doesn’t immediately feel comfortable it’s probably not the best one for you – despite what the salesperson may say!

We have tried lots of pillow over the years as materials and shapes have come in and out of fashion. Currently, one of our favourites is a latex pillow that provides good support without being too firm, and it’s also not too expensive (you should avoid these if you have a latex allergy though).

You may also need a different pillow as your neck pain or injury improves. Some of the support pillows with the ‘dip’ in the middle are great when you have a sore neck but can become irritating when your neck is recovered.

If you are unsure about which pillow is best for you, then please ask one of the Halo team for further advice!


Blog compiled by Michelle Henry, Principal Physiotherapist at Halo Physio

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