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Yoga with Kerry Palmer

12 Jan Yoga with Kerry Palmer

Starting in January 2018, leading Yoga and Meditation Instructor, Kelly Palmer is to host an exciting series of regular classes and workshops at Halo in Kenilworth.

Kerry found her love for yoga early in life, initially attracted to the physical practice but soon drawn in by the many other benefits yoga has to offer, and having been a dedicated student for many years qualified as a Yoga Instructor in 2014.

Kerry’s sessions focus on stress relief, relaxation and meditation practices, and also physical movement designed to make your body feel good. She believes yoga isn’t about going upside down or standing on your head, but about creating a better connection between your mind, breath and body!

Kerry will run three yoga classes at Halo every week, and also host a ‘Relax and Restore’ yoga workshop here once a month. Please see below for full details:

Monday 6.45-7.45

Pregnancy Yoga 

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Monday 8-9pm, Tuesday 6.30-7.30pm & 7.45-8.45pm

Slow Flow

In this ‘perfect for beginners’ class, Kerry will guide you through a sequence of slow, slowing movements designed to gently ease and open up the tightness and tension within your body. You’ll work with the breath to move effortlessly from one pose to the next, allowing your mind to switch off and bring your awareness into the body and breath instead. As well as physical movement, you’ll work through breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation practices to ensure you leave class feeling light and calm.

Saturday 9.30-10.30am

Vinyasa Flow

Ideal for those with some yoga experience or beginners looking for a challenge, this energising class is a great way to start the weekend. You’ll be led through a sequence of flowing movements, building heat, strength and flexibility within the body while working with the breath throughout. Vinyasa yoga is great for those with busy minds who prefer to keep moving and is often described as a “moving meditation” practice.

All classes £48 for a 6 week block, or £9 drop in

Relax and Restore Yoga Monthly Workshop

Join Kerry for 2.5 hours of total rest and relaxation.

In this workshop you’ll be guided and supported through a sequence of restorative postures, the body supported with the use of cushions and bolsters. Unlike most yoga you might be familiar with, these postures are designed to stretch the body without effort, without force, simply relaxing into them for a few minutes at a time.

As well as a physical practice, you’ll be led through breathing practices designed to release stress and anxiety and the workshop will close with a guided meditation known as yoga nidra, or “yogic sleep”, in which you’ll be left so deeply relaxed you may well find yourself drifting off.

This workshop is ideal for those working with any injuries, those who are stressed with busy minds or anyone who feels like they just need a good rest and a lie down!

The workshop runs monthly, following different themes according to the time of year and other influences.

To find out more and to book, please contact Kerry on 07950 114 957 or email:

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