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Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

30 May Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

Shoulder pain is one of the most common of musculoskeletal complaints with 30-50% of us experiencing it in our lifetime.

Impingement syndrome accounts for up to 65% of all shoulder pain diagnoses and is defined as pain and often weakness when raising the arm caused by soft tissues such as tendons and bursae catching in the narrow space in the top of the shoulder.

This can be due to inflammation and/or wear and tear in the deep tendons of the shoulder called the rotator cuff. It may be due to an obvious injury such as a fall, repetitive loading at work or through a hobby such as gardening or DIY; or comes on for no obvious reason.

It most commonly affects people aged in their forties upwards. It is widely seen in Physiotherapy clinics and in 80% of cases, can be treated successfully without needing any surgical intervention.

A Physiotherapist would assess the mechanics of your shoulder movement looking at any restriction in your range of movement, any dysfunctions in movement particularly around the shoulder blade, control of movement and activity of the deeper shoulder stabilizing muscles; as well as any spinal issues that may be relevant or core control dysfunctions around the trunk and pelvis.

Our Senior Physiotherapist Nicki Bradshaw has specific expertise in shoulder pain and spent several years working as an Extended Scope Practitioner in this field, assessing patients who would normally have seen a Consultant, to decide the most appropriate treatment for them – be it Physiotherapy, steroid injection, further medical investigations such as scans, X-Rays & blood tests; or surgery.

Nicki treats people of all ages with shoulder problems, be they acute or chronic, and believes almost everyone can benefit from appropriate hands-on treatment and rehabilitation.

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