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Post London Marathon Soft Tissue Massage

18 Apr Post London Marathon Soft Tissue Massage

Halo would like to wish all of those taking part in the London Marathon on Sunday 28th April the very best of luck!

The newest member of our team, Nick Court has extended his Thursday evening and Saturday clinics during the week after the marathon to provide additional slots for those of you wanting to book a post London Marathon soft tissue massage

The benefits of massage are widely known, especially post run or after a gruelling training or intensive sporting event. Aiding recovery is one of the major benefits of massage.  Massage can reduce pain and the intensity of muscle soreness. It will help reduce inflammation, reduce stress hormones and therefore assist with relaxation.

Whilst it will not clear the waste products in your muscles that have built up during a physical activity, it will promote the circulation to your muscles and this is the underlying reason it aids recovery.

The benefits of massage therefore suggest that you will recover faster and be ready for the next session sooner. It is best to leave the massage until 2 days after any high intensity event so make sure you have yours booked!

To book a session with Nick, view his live diary and book an appointment by clicking HERE

Best of luck!

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