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Online Pilates Classes – June 2020

25 May Online Pilates Classes – June 2020

Open to ALL who have attended Pilates Courses or 1-to-1 Sessions at Halo in the past. 
12 Classes only £40!

Halo’s online Pilates classes will continue in June!

These online classes have proved extremely popular over the last two months, and in June they will be open to everyone who has ever attended a Pilates Course or 1-to-1 Session here at Halo.

Starting on Monday 1st June, we will run 12 classes throughout the month all lead by the excellent Jo Buckley, and you’re welcome to join as many as you can (or all of them!) for a one off payment of only £40.

So that’s £40 for all 12 classes, or as many as you can make, and Jo will run 3 classes per week at the following times:

  • Monday 7.30pm (*Yogalates class)
  • Wednesday 10am
  • Thursday 7pm


To tell us you would like to book, please email as soon as possible. We’ll then get back to you regarding payment and send you a video link to the classes.

For the classes in June, Jo has asked if you can obtain 2 small weights (cans of beans are ok!) before the start of each class, as they will help increase the difficulty of the upper limb work. This is optional though!

We do hope as many of you as possible will be able to join us in June, and we thank you all for the great feedback we’ve received since launching these online Pilates classes back in April!

If you’ve never attended Pilates at Halo in the past or you’re a Pilates Beginner, please keep an eye on our website or Facebook page as we’re working hard to launch more online classes just for you!

Let’s hope we can get back to our regular, face to face Pilates Courses sooner rather than later, but in the meantime we hope these online classes are providing much more than an adequate alternative.

Take care everyone.

Rachael and Michelle

For safety reasons, the online Pilates classes described above are only available to those who have attended Pilates Courses or 1-to-1 Sessions at Halo in the past. *Please be aware the Monday class is Yogalates (a mix of Yoga and Pilates), and is a higher level than the other classes. You are welcome to join all classes, but please work at a level you are used to and do not attempt anything you are not comfortable with. Please note you are responsible for working at your own pace in all classes and we cannot accept liability for any injuries resulting from taking part in these classes. Full payment (£40) is required prior to your first online Pilates class in June, and you will receive a Zoom link to allow access to all 12 classes once payment is received. Thank you!

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