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Online Pilates Classes July 2020

20 Jun Online Pilates Classes July 2020

Now 4 Classes Every Week and Nicki & Laura are Back!

Halo’s online Pilates classes continue in July, and we’ve added a new class on a Saturday!

Our online classes are open to everyone who has ever attended a Pilates Course or 1-to-1 Pilates Session here at Halo, and July sees the return of Nicki and Laura who will each be taking one class per week. The other two classes will continue to be with Jo, who has done an amazing job of running our entire online Pilates programme over the last three months!

The new Saturday class has been added to help anyone who is maybe returning to work and might struggle to join us on a weekday now, but everyone is still very welcome to join every single class (or as many as they can) for a one off payment this time of £50.

So, running from Wednesday 1st July – Thursday 30th July, we’ll host 4 classes per week to give you 18 throughout the month all for only £50.

Classes in July will run at the following times:

  • Monday 7.30pm with Jo (Yogalates class)
  • Wednesday 10am with Nicki
  • Thursday 7pm with Jo
  • Saturday 9am with Laura (New!)


To tell us you would like to book, please email as soon as possible. We’ll then get back to you regarding payment and send you video links to the classes.

For the classes in July, our instructors have suggested the addition of a soft ball will help increase the variety and difficulty of activities. This is optional though!

We do hope as many of you as possible will be able to join us in July, and we thank you for the great feedback we’re receiving about these online classes.

If you’ve never attended Pilates at Halo in the past or you’re a Pilates Beginner, please sign up for our 4-week beginners course taking place in July. Find out more here

Completion of our 4-week beginners course will make you eligible to join the classes above in the future (be that online or hopefully back in our Pilates Studio sometime soon!).

Take care everyone.

Rachael and Michelle

*For safety reasons, the online Pilates classes described above are only available to those who have attended Pilates Courses or 1-to-1 Sessions at Halo in the past. Please be aware the Monday class is Yogalates (a mix of Yoga and Pilates), and is a higher level than the other classes. You are welcome to join all classes, but please work at a level you are used to and do not attempt anything you are not comfortable with. Please note you are responsible for working at your own pace in all classes and we cannot accept liability for any injuries resulting from taking part in these classes. Full payment (£50) is required on or before Friday 26th June, and you will receive Zoom links to allow access to all 18 classes once payment is received. Thank you!

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