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Indian Head Massage & Body Mapping

01 Dec Indian Head Massage & Body Mapping

Halo is delighted to welcome Caterina Monaco to the team!

Caterina is a qualified Indian Head Massage therapist and Body Mapping practitioner. She is certified in Body Care Cosmetics preparation, has 20+ years experience as a Meditation coach, and is a practising artist and designer.  Through her love of colour and beauty, and a connection with nature nurtured through years of artistic observation, she is able to draw on a wide range of multi-sensory approaches and inspirations to offer highly personalised support.  Whether that means supplementing an individual Head Massage session with deeply relaxing meditation techniques, or enhancing her Body Mapping practice with bespoke body care, the result is a uniquely personalised approach .

Caterina is available for individual Indian Head Massage appointments, and individual or group Body Mapping.  She also runs residential retreats in Italy and the UK using a variety of techniques to help clients deeply explore the challenges in their lives, and access their most empowered, positive and connected selves.

Indian Head Massage

This opulent one hour long Indian head massage is excellent for releasing physical mental and emotional stress that has accumulated in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders. It is especially good for relieving tension, fatigue, insomnia, headaches, migraines and sinusitis. The marma (energy) points of the neck, shoulders, scalp and face are gently stimulated and drained, leaving you feeling simultaneously calm and relaxed, energised, revitalised and much better focused and ready for action. The massage can be done clothed or topless, dry or with oil, as a one off or part of a longer term detoxing and re-balancing programme. The use of the oils enhances the long lasting benefits of the massage and also plays a fundamental role in keeping a healthy supple scalp/hair.

Body Mapping

Body Mapping is an incredibly powerful yet relatively little-known form of therapeutic self discovery. It supports you to look deeply into your bodily feelings and sense of self, and create a visual representation using the life-sized outline of your own (fully clothed!) body. Caterina says: Body Mapping is an Indulgent Artistic Awakening experience – that’s what it was for me when I first discovered this amazing practice, which I loved so much I decided to become a practitioner of it. Body Mapping combines an empowering artistic practice (no artistic know-how required) with guided reflection, to allow us to rediscover the wisdom of our body, and restore our personal agency and sense of purpose, balance, and hunger for life. Creatively exploring and representing sources of past and current enjoyment, as well as the hurt and trauma that can be held by our body, is a surprisingly powerful way to re-connect to our creative self, begin to live a more fully creative/original/stimulating/inspired life, or to re-set our lives around major life changes, or significant trauma. In my 20+ years of working with people and wellbeing therapies, Body Mapping offers perhaps the most flexible and personal tool I have yet encountered. I offer individual and group setting Body Mapping sessions.

For further details and to book appointments, please contact Caterina on 07969 347 351 or email:


Treatments & Prices


Dry and clothed

£65 for a full hour

(Christmas discount offer: two sessions for £100)



£80 for a full hour

(Christmas discount offer: two sessions for £130)


Finding the unique oils for a bespoke set of body care

£350 for 3 hours

(Christmas discount offer £150)


Very much depends on the products required by each client.

For example – one shampoo can cost £8.50 or 37.00 depending on the essential oil that it contains-

(Christmas discount offer 10%)


Group: 4 sessions of 1,5 hours £250

(Christmas offer: £220)

Group Weekend Intensive: 12 hours over two days,  £500

(Christmas offer: £ 380)

1:1: 4 sessions of  1,5 hours £360

(Christmas offer: £ 320 )

1:1 weekend intensive : 12 hours over two days,  £720

(Christmas offer:  £680)


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