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Halo’s Top Five Tips for Managing Back Pain

26 Oct Halo’s Top Five Tips for Managing Back Pain

Five tips for managing your back pain from the Halo team

Prevention is Better than Cure

Michelle, one of Halo’s joint founders, recommends keeping strong and flexible. Research has shown that regular exercise is by far the best treatment for low back pain. Try and choose an activity you enjoy and hopefully it will then become a habit. Walking, swimming and gardening all count alongside traditional exercises such as playing a team sport or going to the gym. If possible incorporate different types of exercise such as strength training, stretching and cardio vascular into your daily routine as variety is the spice of life!

Consider Regular Massage

Andrea and Lisa our Massage Therapists both agree that having a regular deep soft tissue massage can be an excellent way of managing back pain. Massage can help keep you moving and help prevent the poor movement habits which may contribute to developing back pain. There are numerous other benefits such as promoting relaxation and fostering a feeling of well being which can help you deal with pain.

Join a Pilates Class (or book a one to one session)

Nicki, Deborah and Laura, who are all Senior Physiotherapists at Halo, recommend Pilates as a way of managing and hopefully preventing back pain. It is a great introduction if you are new to exercise or returning after injury or surgery. Pilates incorporates core strength , flexibility and postural awareness as well as being great fun!

Try Not to Sit for Too Long

Jill recommends increasing your fluid intake whilst at work so that as well as increasing your hydration you have to get up from your chair more regularly to go to the toilet. Choose a toilet on a different floor so that you have to walk further or take the stairs. Park further away from work to try increase your daily step count. Consider taking a walk at lunch time which has the added bonus of getting some fresh air and daylight. It is worth spending a few minutes making sure your car seat and office chair are adjusted to suit you especially if other people use them too. You may also wish to consider a sit stand desk or addition if sitting is a trigger for you back pain.

Look After Your General Heath and Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is so important and recent studies show that poor sleep can increase the risk of developing pain or can contribute to pain becoming persistent. Rachael, joint founder of Halo advises to try and maintain a healthy weight as those individuals who are overweight are more likely to develop back pain as the excess weight can put strain and pressure on the spine.

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Blog compiled by Jill Drew, Senior Physiotherapist at Halo

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