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Brace Yourself for the Road to Recovery

19 Nov Brace Yourself for the Road to Recovery

The use of specially designed and bespoke fitted orthopaedic braces can be beneficial during periods of rehabilitation following certain injuries.

Braces can help to relieve pain and discomfort, and enable you to move more freely by providing high levels of support around injured areas of the body.

Modern day braces also work to improve structural alignment, to reduce jarring problems, to maintain flexibility and can even deliver added benefits, such as warming relief and protection against impact and further injury.

Therefore, depending on the injury we’re dealing with, at Halo we are highly skilled in using orthopaedic braces as one element in an overall physiotherapy treatment programme, which is always designed to speed up recovery and restore the body to full working order after injury or surgery.

It’s always important to remember that to rely fully on a brace is unwise, as that can cause limbs to work incorrectly and become weak. Our guidance is to only use a brace together with specialist advice and alongside the correct rehabilitation, to help you return to sport or activity with less pain and more confidence.

We were recently given a full insight into the latest knee and ankle braces on the market by manufacturers, DJO Global. One of their most famous products is the ‘Andy Murray’ ankle brace, which we have used at Halo for many years. It has been improved and updated over time and can help with stability and support if you have a history of chronic ankle sprains.

bracesimageThere are also a huge range of knee braces available to help with ruptured ligaments or moderate arthritis. These braces are not what you would find on the high street, but instead are measured and fitted correctly to each individual knee. These can also be helpful for patients who are trying to continue playing sports or to delay a surgical procedure.

To find out more about orthopaedic braces, and to discuss whether or not one might prove beneficial to you, please contact Halo here


Blog compiled by Michelle Henry, Principal Physiotherapist at Halo Physio

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