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28 Apr Book Virtual Appointments Online

Virtual Physiotherapy Appointments can now be booked online.

To book your appointment, please click here

Virtual appointments are available to existing and new patients, and can prove very effective if your regular clinic appointments have now been interrupted, or you need to deal with a new or older painful problem that is now bothering you.

During a virtual appointment, you will have a private and confidential video consultation with one of our Physiotherapists, which will include:

  • Your Physiotherapist taking a full history of your complaint
  • Your Physiotherapist conducting a limited physical examination – observing your posture, range of movement of the affected joint, and functional tests.
  • Your Physio can then offer advice, support, self-management strategies and home exercises as appropriate. These exercises can be emailed to you.


Follow up appointments can then be made to check on progress if required.

In order to gain the most from your virtual appointment, please:

  • Find a quiet space with room to move around to demonstrate your functional problems.
  • Be prepared to undress the appropriate body part to be assessed.


Technology wise things are very simple. You will need access to a laptop with a camera, or a smart phone or tablet. A conferencing app such as Zoom will be required, and we will send you a link and log in details ahead of your appointment time. Your Physiotherapist will be happy to help you with any set up issues should you encounter them.

Virtual appointments are available to non-insured (self-funding) and insured patients.

If you do have healthcare insurance, we have a list of insurers supporting payment of virtual appointments (including for those who had started treatment and wish to continue, and/or for appointments to deal with new conditions), so please contact us to discuss.

Virtual appointments can be booked online here

For further information, please email:


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